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“Take me somewhere I have never been, Show me something I have never seen, let me meet people I would never have a chance to meet and show me the world from their perspective” - Adam Symasky, producer of Reel Injun, Roadsworth: Crossing the Line


We produce and develop all documentary formats and we create imaginative devices and mediums to help relay the heart and metal of a story.


We have and continue to develop investigative stories for television and the web that contribute to the research, awareness and activation for Environmental and Social Issues.

Seal Entanglement


As the Seal Culling continues in Namibia, here in the harbours of the Cape seals are continuously being strangled by floating plastic loops discarded by the fishing industry. We shine a light on Francois Hugo of Hout Bay and the Two Oceans aquarium who work tirelessly freeing trapped seals and trying to convince the marine authorities to take measures to do away with the use of these straps in the fishing industry. In 50/50's "It’s Up to Us", Litha asks simple questions and gets answers that don’t tie up....!

Reclaim Camissa


Did you know that more than 15 ancient springs bubble from beneath the City of Cape Town? Simultaneously one of the greatest wastages of and potential sources for natural fresh water in Cape Town. It is a fact that without these springs, the Mother City may never have been established. We shine a light on a wonderful water resource that has been right at our doorstep here in Cape Town, but was scrapped from the asset resource register in 1994? Find out more about the Reclaim Camissa Project - CAMISSA being the original name for the Cape Town City Bowl given to it by Khoi pastoral farmers meaning "The Place of Sweet Waters…”

Tracks of Giants


While political boundaries mean the difference between nationalities, and the need for your passport, they mean nothing to the elephants of Sub-Saharan Africa. But these boundaries are becoming fences for the massive travelling herds and so a team of conservationists led by Ian McCallum and Ian Michler embarked on a five-month long trip to address some of the trans-frontier issues. They follow the ancient African elephant migration paths and travel from Namibia to Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. Their purpose - to look at conservation issues with the underlying themes being Trans-frontier Conservation, corridors for animals, appropriate land-use practices, cooperation between people and organizations, as well as the issue of hunting versus tourism. Some encounters are good and some scarier but they gather the wisdom of ancient peoples along the way.

Malawi Floods 2015


In January 2015 Malawi experienced devasting floods. We shine a light on IFAW came to the rescue to help the thousands of animals that were displaced, injured and at risk of disease.

Scatec Solar

Scatec Solar's launch of their second Solar Farm to be connected to the National Grid.

Scatec Solar - Three Solar Parks


We shine a light on the first three Solar Parks to be constructed by Norwegian Solar Company - Scatec Solar in the Karoo. These Solar Parks are currently feeding power into the National Electricity Grid.

The House That Hemp Built

Hemp is fast becoming a premier building material it is prized for its lightness, its negative carbon rating ad thermal properties. It is widely accepted in Europe and in the UK in particular, the government is building estates and homes using industrial hemp.


Tony Budden and his business partner Duncan Parker are classic examples of two businessmen passionate about a cause, they’ve been lobbyists and activists since since 1996 for the use of industrial hemp through the application of a variety of innovative products. The overall aim however is to promote legislative change in South Africa.

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